Curl Atlantic has identified membership retention as one of the key issues facing curling clubs in Atlantic Canada. Each year new curlers join clubs, attend novice clinics, play for the year and find only a few to return the following season. Novice clinics teach the basics to the first year curler. Very few curling clubs organize intermediate clinics for their returning members.

Hosting intermediate clinics for club members is a proactive move by Curling Centres to address the issue of member retention. Intermediate clinics are one means to facilitate the skill development of adult curlers and to maintain their interest in the sport of curling.

In conjunction with the Provincial Curling Associations, Curl Atlantic will assist in the organizing of Intermediate Clinics which will meet the needs your curling members.

Intermediate clinics can vary from 2 hours sessions to as long as 12 hours. They can be handled in one day or run over two days. As well, a series of clinics can be organized throughout the curling season.

Clinic Technical Content
Technical content can include any of the following areas:

  1. Delivery Analysis (video analysis if equipment is available)
  2. Brushing/Judging
  3. Team Systems/Communication
  4. Strategy and Tactics
  5. Practice Drills
  6. Mental and Physical Training

If your Curling Centre requires assistance in organizing an Intermediate Clinic, please contact Curl Atlantic at